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Special offer from DAVE YOHO, “The Dean of The Home Improvement Industry” Dave Yoho is Chairman of the Board of Governors and hosts the annual symposium attended by over 30 of the top Home Improvement companies in the U.S. He has trained over 100,000 salespeople and serves the top remodeling firms in our industry! He also supervises the survey of industry statistics and forecasts.


How much did your last mis-hire cost your business? What is your company’s true sit-rate? How do you calculate your selling price? What are the twelve steps to closing a sale?

Answers to these questions and hundreds more are contained in our complete training library. Dave Yoho Associates produces audio, video and printed products that will fit the needs of everyone ranging from the large corporation to the average salesperson.

Ask yourself – - When was the last time you invested in your education?

While you can ascertain a wealth of information by attending a program or by viewing a webinar, studies show that it takes a minimum of 21 days for this information to become habitual – and that is only by reinforcing it on a consistent basis.

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We also produce many “off-the-shelf” products that are not found on the website such as:

  • Printed Tests and Behavioral Profiles
  • Custom Presentation Books with Scripts

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Audio CD Packages

Closing the Sale – Professional Selling Skills – - – $149.00

increse salesIncreases sales–enables a novice or veteran to improve performance and achieve goals.

Overcoming Objections — Dealing With Price Objections — How To Sell Your Price — Developing Closing Style Presentations — Development of Sales Methodology — and 13 Powerful Steps To Closing

(New Expanded Version–5th Edition–8 Audio CD’s Plus Workbook)
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The Science of Successful In-Home Selling – - – $179.00

The 7 Myths of In-Home Selling — Why Some Prospect’s Buy and Some Don’t — The Psychological Laws of Selling — Cultural, Emotional an Perceptual Blocks — Selling to the Prospect’s Value System — Needs Assessment, Proxemics and the Product Presentation — Selling Your Price and Getting the Order

(8 CD’s Plus Workbook)
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Leads, Leads, Leads – CD Package – - – $195.00

Contains most of the answers needed to increase lead intake and reduce marketing costs.

More leads for less money – scripts for incoming calls – rehash confirmation – dozens of forms to control lead issuance – creating a database to increase referrals – canvassing and other forms of self generated leads complying with “Do not call regulations” – comp systems for canvassers, solicitors, demonstrators and showroom personnel – improved methods for showroom operation.

(6 Audio CD’s With Complete Manual)
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How To Run A (MORE) Profitable Business – - – $595.00

A Recorded Seminar & Study Course – Your Own Private Home Improvement Educational Library. References To Share With Your Staff, Lawyers, Accountants & Managers

Pricing Methods To Ensure A Profit On Every Contract — More Leads At Lower Cost — Reducing Your Personal Taxes — What Insurance Do You Really Need? — Is Your Sales Compensation System Out Of Date? — Protecting Your Intellectual Property — How To Hire The Best Attorney (And Avoid The Wrong Ones) — Increasing Your Referrals

( 8 Audio CD’s With Track Guidance )
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SPECIAL ONLINE OFFER!! Buy all 4 of these powerful, best-selling CD packages together today and save over 35% off the list price. Everything you need to get started in growing and managing your home improvement business.

Home Improvement Economic Summit – - – $375.00

A complete recording of the inaugural 2-day event with over 30 business owners, consultants, legal and tax professionals and Internet marketing gurus.

11 CD’s of material including: The economic and financial outlook in the home improvement industry, independent contractor status, tax ramifications, lead paint issues, the opportunity to acquire other companies, S.F.I. programs, financing issues, how to grow your business in a changing economy, buying advertising, Internet marketing, business diversity and much more!

( 11 Audio CD’s With Track Guidance )
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The Super Sales Training Library – - – $249.00

12 powerful CD’s taken straight from our critically acclaimed Home Improvement Tele-seminar program. Ideal for sales personnel and sales managers alike. Contains over 16 hours of material!

Topics include: Selling your way into the home, improving your sales efficiency, changing your “sales language–, impediments to a sale, handling pricing issues, overcoming mistakes that lead to a “no sale–, and uncovering a prospect’s needs.

( 12 Audio CD’s With Track Guidance )
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